The Benefits in Having Your Cabinets Repainted Before Moving

As the warmer months are upon us, the housing market could not be any hotter for homeowners seeking to sell. Before you jump the gun and put your house on the market, you obviously have a list of things to tidy up before listing. However, an important element that many homeowners overlook is cabinets. This is a huge feature when it comes to realtors and potential buyers doing walk-throughs at your home. If you have dated cabinets, it is time to paint them to get the top dollar for your home. Here are the many benefits to having your cabinets redone before selling your home.


Brings home area together: The cabinets in your kitchen are more important to your eye than you may initially perceive. They make or break the room. Having freshly painting cabinets will make the entire room look freshly remodeled.

Complete functionality: With getting your cabinets repainted, our team at CPR will ensure that there is no damage or potential issues with them. If so, we will take the proper measures to correct it to save you, the homeowner, money.

Appeal to realtors and potential buyers: Not only will the cabinets look beautiful to you, but this will catch the eye of realtors and potential buyers when examining your home. Freshly painted cabinets give off a modern, freshly remodeled home- giving incentive that the home is in good shape. This will speed up the process of selling your home.

Not looking to sell your home? These benefits still apply to you. As the homeowner, you’ll be able to see the beautiful transformation from dated cabinets to freshly-painted cabinets to give the whole room a vibrant look. To learn more or to get started on your project, connect with us at Complete Painting & Restoration today.

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